About Dr. Morgan

Dr. Jonathan M. Morgan, MD

Dr. Jonathan Morgan is double board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery.  As a Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Morgan strives to sculpt a natural and youthful appearance in his patients based on facial symmetry and the harmony of proper facial proportions.  Individual patient consultation and assessment is essential to highlight each individual’s most attractive features and obtain optimal outcomes.

Dr. Morgan evaluates and treats all layers of the face, from the outer layers of skin, to the underlying boney structure, and the complex layers of tissue in-between.  By treating all layers, Dr. Morgan achieves a non-surgical look which is essential to produce a natural outcome.

To achieve patient satisfaction and happiness, Dr. Morgan combines both surgical and non-surgical techniques.  Fillers, Botox, lasers, light based therapies, and the Facial Aesthetics Skin Care Line complement Dr. Morgan’s surgical techniques to attain every patient’s unique goals.  Dr. Morgan consistently monitors new technology and products, carefully selecting only the best for use with his patients.

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