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Friday, 22 July 2011 Category Uncategorized

For many of us (men included) Angelina Jolie has the best lips in the business.  And from everything I gather, they are all natural!  That brings me to the following anectdote...

I was sitting in the airport bar when a young lady came in and sat down next to me.  I did not want to stare but, I did catch a glimpse (and a few more just to make sure that I was actually seeing what I thought I was!)  This young lady had had her lips done and it was painfully obvious.  I am not sure what look she was trying to accomplish but based upon the comments of the bar staff after she left, I am not sure she acheived her goal.  Needless to say they ranged from x rated comments, to occasional envy,  but most comments simply discussed how fake they looked. 

It reminded me of a question that a dermatologist in St Pete asked me.  She said that some of her patients wanted these really big lips, and she said that she felt like she was obligated to do it.  She wanted to know how I dealt with these types of situations.  I said to her that before I do any procedures with my patients, we have to agree on the expectations and the desired results, and if we do not, then I offer that patient someone else who may be more comfortable with what the patient wants.  I am not sure what she decided, but I know that my patients and I are comfortable and hopefully very happy.

As a surgeon we have many different ways to change the lips, some permanent and some temporary,  but for this blog I will focus on lip injections.

A word of caution.  Natural is the way to go.

People who come into my office looking for larger lips fall into two categories.  The younger group with fine lips, who have never been blessed with full lips, and the older group who have seen their once plump lips, fall from grace and now suffer with very thin lips.  These two groups are quite different in their anatomy and should be dealt with differently.  Come in and lets talk about this!

Occasionally additional augmentation is needed, remember you can always make them bigger but you can't make them smaller.  The lips will swell after they are injected, so expect to be bigger for a while. We do a nice topical anesthetic, and then additional local anesthesia to make the experience far more enjoyable.  Ice also helps.


Above is a young lady who had her lips injected by me a while back. Full lips, but not fake looking!

In terms of what fillers are to be used, I use Juvederm.  It creates a wonderful soft natural lip.  Other fillers can be used, but please do not put Radiesse in the lips, and stay away from silicone.  These two fillers can have significant problems in the lips.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Let me know what you think!


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